Steiff Pricelist
PRICELIST Steiff Limited Editions
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EAN/Name/Year/Limit (pcs)/cm/Export Price* in EURO
(*price excluding VAT, only valid for countries outside of the European Union)
New Editions 2009, worldwide:
038761/Steiff Kecki, the Squirrel/2,009 pcs./22cm/€ 155
038532/Steiff Bunny Rabbit in Basket/1,500 pcs./ 9cm/€ 63
403002/Steiff 1908 Replica Teddy Bear Blue/1,908 pcs./ 32cm/€ 210
408731/Steiff 1925 Replica Teddy Bear pink /1,925 pcs./ 36cm/193
038754/Steiff Alpaca Teddy, bordeaux, with collar/2,009 pcs./32cm/€ 193
036026/Steiff Giraffe on Wheels/1,000 pcs./55cm/€ 462
036545/Steiff Happy Grizzly bear baby, Alpaca/2,009 pcs./26cm/€ 155
036576/Steiff Jackie Masterpiece Australian Shepherd Puppy/3,000 pcs./ 35cm/ € 248
036224/Steiff Jona Teddy Bear/Year 2009/35cm/€ 147
036552/Steiff Leo Lion Masterpiece/3,000 pcs./ 35 cm/€ 248
677038/Steiff Lladro Four Seasons - Spring/2,000 pcs./28cm/€ 294
038655/Steiff Margarete Steiff Teddy Bear/1,000 pcs./ 65cm/€ 483
036491/Steiff Moon Ted Teddy Bear/1,500 pcs./ 60cm/€ 378
036811/Steiff Snow White Teddy Bear/500 pcs./ 33cm/€ 588
420283/Steiff Teddy bear Zebra/2,009 pcs./40cm/€ 218
036316/Steiff Chrystal Teddy for bags, white/3,000 pcs./11cm/€ 97
036323/Steiff Chrystal Teddy for bags, black/3,000 pcs./11cm/€ 97
036330/Steiff Chrystal Teddy for bags, pink/3,000 pcs./11cm/€ 97
036033/Steiff Golly/1,909 pcs./30cm/€ 168
036002/Steiff Christmas Teddy/Year 2009/25cm/€ 118
036040/Steiff Ox/2,009 pcs./16cm/€ 105

New items 2008 worldwide:
400513/Steiff Paul Brummbaer Replica/1908-2008/1.908pcs./46cm/€ 251
037207/Steiff Paul Brummbaer gold/2008/3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
037214/Steiff Paul Brummbaer goldbrown/2008/3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
037221/Steiff Paul Brummbaer sand/2008/3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
408564/Steiff Teddy black, 1908-2008/3.000pcs./35cm/€ 181
400322/Steiff Kakadu Rattle/Replica 1898-2008/1.000pcs./28cm/€ 167
408014/Steiff Hot Water Bottle Bear/Replica 1908-2008/1.908pcs./58cm/€ 419
400452/Steiff Panda on wheels/Replica 1938-2008/1.000pcs./50cm/€ 587
038457/Steiff Rough Rider/1.858pcs./18+30cm/€ 419
420696/Steiff Teddy Leopard Alpaca/2.008pcs./40cm/€ 209
037245/Steiff Signature Teddy/2.008pcs./30cm/€ 142
036521/Steiff Buddha Bear/2.008pcs./23cm/€ 150
037238/Steiff Musical-Teddy “Joseph”/2.008pcs./30cm/€ 276
038662/Steiff Lizzy Maine Coon Cat/3.000pcs./36cm/€ 150
038594/Steiff Lumpi Golden Retriever Masterpiece Alpaca/3.000pcs./35cm/€ 209
036538/Steiff Panda Alpaca/2.008pcs./26cm/€ 142
036514/Steiff Polar Ted Alpaca/1.500pcs./65cm/€ 361
038358/Steiff Teddy with “Silver Arrow” Car (Wood)/1.500pcs./12+31cm/€ 209
038365/Steiff Teddy Alpaca, dark green/2.008pcs./32cm/€ 181
038433/Steiff Chicken in Egg/2.008pcs./7cm/€ 41
037092/Steiff Sigi Hedgehog/2.008pcs./20cm/€ 150
037252/Steiff Christmas Teddy Alpaca/Year 2008/25cm/€ 118
036804/Steiff Teddy Cinderella/500pcs./33cm/€ 587
710254/Steiff Kinder “Mathias”/2008/500 pcs./42cm/€ 836
710247/Steiff Kinder “Katharina”/2008/500 pcs./42cm/€ 836
710223/Steiff Kinder “Lukas”/2007/500 pcs./42cm/€ 836
710230/Steiff Kinder “Sophie”/2007/500 pcs./42cm/€ 836
NEW!  Steiff Autumn items 2007!:
400513/Steiff Paul the Growling Bear Replica 1908-2008/1.908pcs./46cm/€ 251
037207/Steiff Paul the Growling Bear gold/3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
037214/Steiff Paul the Growling Bear goldbrown/3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
037221/Steiff Paul the Growling Bear sand//3.000pcs./28cm/€ 83
037085/Steiff Teddy Baby Blue/1.500pcs./50cm/€ 251
038372/Steiff "The 3 Wise men" (no see/no hear/no talk)/1.500pcs./12cm each
on wood/€ 167 - waiting list
037191/Steiff Classic Teddy "Margarete"/2.007pcs./30cm/€ 142
037351/Steiff Teddytaur Alpaca/1.500pcs./30cm/€ 167
672484/Steiff Bob Sleigh Set/1.500pcs./10cm each/€ 125
037337/Steiff Teddy with Rocking Horse/1.500Stck./Teddy 6cm, Horse 16cm/€ 125
038389/Steiff A million hugs Set Alpaca, on wood/2.007pcs./10cm each/€ 125

New! Steiff Christmas items 2007::
037283/Steiff Schwibbogen Miniature Nativity Set/750pcs./10cm/9cm/Jesus 6
cm/Arch 70 cm long, 15 cm wide, 35 cm tall/€ 671
037344/Steiff Nativity Set/1.000pcs./18cm/12 cm/€ 419
037368/Steiff Teddy "Little Drummer Boy"/2.007pcs./30cm/€ 167
038419/Steiff Santa in the box, Alpaca/1.500pcs./23cm/€ 125
038396/Steiff Teddy Poinsettia Ornament/2.007pcs./9cm/€ 66
037993/Steiff Bird Ornament/2.007pcs./10cm/€ 66
037900/Steiff Reindeer Ornament/2.007pcs./10cm/€ 58
New items 2007:
408557/Steiff Teddy rose/1908-2007/3.000pcs/35cm/€ 176
408007/Steiff Teddy (Vintage Series)/1908-2007/1.908pcs/32cm/€ 192
400445/Steiff Lion on wheels/1909-2007/1.000pcs/50cm/€ 587
411519/Steiff Rooster/1892-2007/1.000pcs/22cm/€ 167

038280/Steiff Classic Teddy Alpaca dark blue/2007/2.007pcs/32cm/€ 176
036507/Steiff Classic Teddy Grizzly Ted/2007/1.500pcs/60cm/€ 335
037184/Steiff “Phantom of the opera” Teddy/2007/2.000pcs/30cm/€ 251 - waiting list
037177/Steiff Classic Catalogue Teddy/2007/2.007pcs/30cm/€ 142
038167/Steiff Classic Teddy with “Rackerplan”/2007/2.007pcs/30cm/€ 167
038693/Steiff Zoo additional set/2007/1.000pcs/x/€ 335
038068/Steiff Teddy Boy/2007/500pcs/29cm/€ 651
038051/Steiff Teddy Girl/2007/500pcs/28cm/€ 651
710223/Lukas/2007/500 Stck./x/€ 836
710230/Sophie/2007/500 Stck./x/€ 836

Autumn and Winter 2006:
037597+037450+037344/Steiff Nativity Set/2005+2006+2007/1.000pcs/x/€ 1,384
ATTENTION: We have a few sets “2005+2006+2007” with matching Limited Edition numbers!
037450/Steiff Nativity Set 2006 alone: € 419 (last pieces available)

037474/Steiff Teddy Ornament, red/2006/2.006pcs/9cm/€58

037405/Steiff Teddyset (7+9cm) w. motor boat/2006/2.006pcs/Boat32x10x6cm/€ 243

037511/Steiff Pierrot Teddy/2006/2.006pcs/26cm/€ 137

037481/Steiff Pegasus/2006/1.500Stck./28cm/€ 192

037542/Steiff Teddy DOLLY/2006/2.006pcs/30cm/€ 142
037436/Steiff Somersault Teddy/2006/2.006pcs/30cm/€ 251
037467/Steiff Rolly Drolly Set/2006/1.500pcs/14+9cm/€ 167
037382/Steiff Rolly Drolly Wagon/2006/-/20cm/€ 125
656408/Steiff Teddy Mozart/2006/2.006/30/€ 167
656392/Steiff Teddy Mozart Ornament/2006/9/€ 66

400506/Steiff Teddy Replica 1907/1907-2007/1.907pcs/45cm/€ 251
038785/Steiff A Million Hugs Teddy, brown/2006/3.000pcs/28cm/€ 83
038778/Steiff A Million Hugs Teddy, brass/2006/3.000pcs/28cm/€ 83
038792/Steiff A Million Hugs Teddy, white/2006/3.000pcs/28cm/€ 83

Spring new items 2006:
038686/Steiff Zoo Set/2006/1.000 pcs/15-17cm/€ 335
037054/Steiff Classic Teddy/2006/2.006pcs/58cm/€ 445
037160/Steiff Teddy with built-in musical/2006/3.000pcs/38cm/€ 251
037009/Steiff Elephant, jointed/2006/2.006pcs/33cm/€ 167
037528/Steiff Teddy Clown/2006/2.006pcs/32 cm/€ 163
038310/Steiff Mini-Teddybears “Colour Splash Palette”/2006/2.006pcs/30x19,7x9cm/€ 293
Christmas New items 2005:
037597/Steiff Nativity Set (alone): Sorry: Sold out! Only available now as a set of 3 years.
037658/Steiff Candelabrum/2005/1000pcs/x/€503
Autumn new items 2005:
038846/Steiff New Mr. Cinnamon/2005/3000pcs/44cm/€192
037634/Steiff Rolly Drolly Pullwagon/2005/1.500pcs/20cm/€ 251
Club-items (only for Club-members who order with Coupons):
421105/Steiff Club Edition 2010/Year 2010/30cm/€ 105
421099/Steiff Paper Teddy 2010/3.000 pcs./32cm/€ 248
420986/Steiff Event Teddy/Year 2009/21cm/€ 63 (only for members present at our club event)
421082/Steiff Margarete Steiff Felt Doll in Wheelchair/750 pcs./28cm/€ 840
420887/Steiff Papageno/2008/500Stck./33 cm/€ 545
(Above 2 items only for collectors, who have ordered via bruno bear and whose card was drawn!)!
420825/Steiff Replika black with seal wax nose/2008/3.000 pcs./40 cm/€ 209
420955/Teddy blond/2008/Year 2008/30 cm/€ 83
420634/Steiff Bear Rug/2007/Year 2007/120cm/€ 251
xxxxxx/Steiff Fairytales/2007/500pcs/?/€ 503
420597/Steiff Il Veneziano/2006/500pcs/?/€ 461
(Only for collectors, who have ordered via bruno bear and whose card was drawn!)!
420528/Steiff Felt-Teddy “Hans”/2005/500pcs/28cm/€ 387
420542/Steiff Haute Couture/2005/500pcs/?/€??? - Waiting list
420474/Steiff Club-Camel on pin cushion/8cm/€ 108
420450/Steiff Margarete Steiff Edition “Flowers”/2004/500pcs/32cm/€ ??? - long waiting list!
420290/Steiff Bear 28 PB/2002/5.650pcs/37cm/€ 209
400964/Steiff Molly Dog/1927-2006/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 92
400360/Steiff Brush Dachs/1909-2006/1.500pcs/22cm/€ 142
400490/Steiff Punchy Bear Set/1912-2005/5.000pcs/17cm/€ 167
402302/Steiff Susi Cat/1936-2005/3000pcs/14cm/€117
404122/Steiff Baerle 22 PAB white/1905-2005/3000pcs/22cm/€ 150
404214/Steiff Teddy Clown/1926-2005/3000pcs/32cm/€192
404405/Steiff Teddy red brown/1906-2005/1906pcs/70cm/€603
408540/Steiff Teddy green/1908-2005/3000pcs/35cm/€ 176
401206/Steiff Jocko Chimpanzee/1929-2004/1.500pcs/17cm/€ 167
404115/Steiff Bear 28 PB/1904-2004/7.000pcs/28cm/€ 318
404153/Steiff Baerle 43 PAB/1904-2004/Year 2004/43cm/€ 318
407291/Steiff Teddy white/1921-2004/1.921pcs/70cm/€ 603
400926/Steiff Galop-Teddy/1926-1997/2.500pcs/12cm/€ 167
411656/Steiff Feltpuppet Baseball-Player/x/x/x/€ 167
Other limited editions:
672675/Teddy of the film “Margarete Steiff”/2007/100/ca.40cm/€ 419
(only for orders via bruno bear, which were drawn)
656941/Steiff Summer Bear, white/2009/2.009pcs./26cm/€ 105
656620/Steiff “Summer Bear”/2008/26cm/€ 100
656507/Steiff “Summer Bear”/2007/x/x/€ 100
038068/Teddy Boy/2007/500pcs/29cm/€ 651
038051/Teddy Girl/2007/500pcs/28cm/€ 651
038037/Steiff Teddy Grandfather/2006/500pcs/36cm/€ 714
038044/Steiff Teddy Hunter/2006/500pcs/35cm/€ 714
038099/Steiff Teddy Milk Maid/2005/500pcs/31cm/€ 651
038105/Steiff Teddy Boy/2005/500pcs/29cm/€ 651
038112/Appolonia Margarete/2004/5000 pcs./45 cm/€ 185
038082/Steiff Teddy Bride’s Father/2004/500pcs/36cm/€ 714
038075/Steiff Teddy Bride’s Mother/2004/500pcs/33cm/€ 714
xxxxxx/Steiff 125 Karat Teddy/2005/125pcs/?/€ 25.000
038976/Steiff Teddy "Celebration"/2005/Year/30cm/€ 83
354311/Steiff Paddington Bear, limited/2005/2500pcs/28cm/€ 150
354441/Steiff Paddington Bär, not limited/2005/-/20cm/€117

Licensed Items:
657726/Steiff Karl Lagerfeld Teddy/2008/2.500 pcs./40cm/€ 840
680328/Steiff Winnie the Pooh/2006/1.000pcs/80cm/€ 503

661723/Steiff Jean Paul Gaultier Teddy (“L’ours terrible de la mode”)/2005/2005pcs/35cm/€251

680267/Steiff Baloo/2003/3.000pcs/33cm/€ 167
680274/Steiff King Louie/x/x/x/€ 167
354243/Steiff Mr. Jeremy Fisher/2003/1.500pcs/18cm/€125
354205/Steiff Mini Pooh Set/2002/5.000pcs/10cm/€ 125
680113/Steiff Winnie the Pooh Ornament/2001/Year 2001/12cm/€ 63
680021/Steiff Piglet/x/x/x/€ 66
680106/Steiff Goofy/x/x/33cm/€ 147
Exclusive Items for specific companies:
Steiff BAERgsteiger/Mountainclimber Teddy (idee und spiel)/2008/1.500 pcs./x/€ 151
92568/Steiff Pope Teddy/2007/1.500/29/€ 251
656545/Steiff Heinrich Zille Teddy (KaDeWe)/2008/2.008pcs./30cm/€ 150
656125/Steiff Wannseenixe/2006/1.500/27/€ 137
993787/Steiff-Märklin Lokführer w. Waggon/2005/1.500pcs/9cm/€ 92
994180/Steiff DaimlerChrysler Teddy, blue/2004/yelow tag/9cm/€ 25
994647/Steiff Mercedes Car Chimpanzee “Johann”/1911-2003/1.911pcs/22cm/€ 251
671623/Steiff ”Gosch”-Teddy/2003/1.500pcs/30cm/€ 147
995552/Steiff Fulda Bear with Snowboard/2003/1.500pcs/19cm/€ 100
994609/Steiff “Schatzi”-Jubilee Bear (Ars Mundi-Ernst Fuchs)/2002/2.002pcs/30cm/€ 418
995705/Steiff Schampus-Teddy(PostMuseumsShop)/2000/1.500pcs/30cm/€ 122
656132/Steiff Mini Cooper Set/2009/1.500Stck./13+12cm/€ 277
656576/Steiff Teddy “Berlin-Brandenburger Tor”/2009/1.500Stck./28cm/€ 134
672200/Steiff Deutscher Trachtenbär “Sepp”/2009/1.500Stck./23cm/€ 160
656521/Steiff Porsche Set/2008/1.500pcs./Teddies 13+12cm/€ 276
672491/Bavarian Teddy/2008/1.500pcs./23cm/€ 150
656538/Teddy Father and Son/2008/1.500pcs./22+14cm/€ 125

656255/Steiff Roadster Set with BMW/2007/1.500pcs/12+13cm/€ 276

672163/Steiff Honey Bear/2006/1.500pcs/26cm/€ 129

672149/Steiff Hippie-Bear/2006/1.500pcs/30cm/€ 167

672187/Steiff  Amor on heart cushion/2005/1500pcs/20cm/€ 120

660849/Steiff Silberdistel (A/CH/D)/2003/2.000pcs/34cm/€ 150
671128/Steiff Sleigh-Set with King Ludwig/2003/1.000pcs/45cm/€335
671241/Steiff Almhirte with Lederhose/2003/1.500pcs/30cm/€234
671142/Steiff Teddy with scooter/2002/2.000pcs/30cm/€ 189
671166/Steiff Teddy with “Leiterwagen”/2002/2.000pcs/30cm/€ 243
670800/Steiff Bär in boat (Loreley-Set)/2001/2.000pcs/10cm/€ 83
670107/Steiff Shepherd/1997/2.000pcs/35cm/€ 167
657719/Steiff French CanCan Alpaca Teddy/2008/1.500pcs./27cm/€ 167
657702/Steiff King Ludwig Bear (Le roi Soleil/L’ours Teddy Versailles)/2007/1.500pcs/28cm/€ 164
657603/Steiff Madame Pompadour/2006/1.500pcs/32cm/€ 234
657740/Van Gogh Teddy/2008/1.500 pcs./30/€ 150
662072/Steiff Jongen/2005/1500pcs/30cm/€ 142

661082/Steiff Maatjes Teddy/2003/1.500/30/€ 159
660023/Steiff Tom Poes/2001/3.000/28/€ 105
657696/Steiff Radetzky Teddy with musical/2008/1.500pcs./28cm/€ 150

672446/Steiff Vienna Opera Bear, Alpaca/2007/1.500 pcs./28 cm/€ 142
660603/Steiff Sacher-Teddy/2001/1.500pcs/32/€ 293
657733/Steiff Urs Teddy “The Swiss Guardsman”/2008/1.500pcs./24cm/€ 150
660788/Steiff Heidi mit Zicklein/2002/1.500/28/€251
663376/Steiff Bella/2009/2,000 pcs./38 cm/
663246/Steiff British Collectors Bear/2009/3,000 pcs./38 cm/
653629/Steiff Podgy Pig, Alpaca/2009/1,500 pcs./31 cm/
663253/Steiff Red Panda Ted, Alpaca/2009/2,000 pcs./36 cm/
663222/Steiff Timmy Willie/2009/1,500 pcs.12 cm/
663055/Steiff Harrods Teddy “Oscar”/2008/1.500pcs./29cm/€ 185
xxxxxx/Steiff Hamleys Teddy “James”/2008/1.500pcs./28cm/€ 125
662966/Steiff British Collectors’ Teddy/2008/3.000pcs./38cm/€ 167
662997/Steiff Bell Boy Bear/2008/2.000pcs./40cm/€ 167
653513/Steiff Alpaca Pigling Bland/2008/1.500pcs./33cm/€ 167
662478/Steiff Alpaca Tommy Brock/2008/1.500pcs./33cm/€ 193
653582/Steiff Alpaca Algy Pug/2008/1.500pcs./30cm/€ 167
653575/Steiff Edward Trunk/2008/1.500pcs./28cm/€ 176
662751/Steiff Harrods Teddy “Benjamin”/2007/1.500 pcs./32cm/€ 209
662607/Steiff UK Musical Bear/2007/?/?/€ 167
662508/Steiff British Collectors’ Teddy (“Old Black Bear”)/2007/3.000pcs/40cm/€ 197

662492/Steiff Mr. Tod/2007/1.500/33cm/€ 193
653445/Steiff Jemima Puddle-Duck/2006/1.500pcs/38cm/€ 231
661969/Steiff British Collectors’ Bear/2005/4.000pcs/40cm/€ 193
661792/Steiff Koala Ted/2005/2.000pcs/40cm/€ 193
661822/Steiff Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle/2005/1.500pcs/22cm/€167
661808/Steiff Belfry Golfing Bear/2004/2.000pcs/24cm/€ 125
661419/Steiff Exhibition Bear/2004/1.500pcs/20cm/€ 121
661228/Steiff Hamleys “William”/2003/1.500pcs/32cm/€ 167
660825/Steiff Hamleys “Celebration”/2002/1.500pcs/32cm/€ 167
660832/Steiff Harrods “Archie”/2002/1.500pcs/33cm/€ 378
660573/Steiff British Red Cross Bear/2001/300pcs/23cm/€ 209
681103/Steiff Poinsettia Swarovski Teddy/2007/Jahr 2007/25 cm/€ 189
668395/Steiff Sound of Music Bear/2007/2.007pcs/33cm/€ 231
669767/Steiff Antiques Roadshow Bear/2007/1.500pcs/30cm/€ 223
669736/Steiff Spring Matrioschka Set/2007/1.500pcs/13+8cm/€ 193
669651/Steiff Melanie/2007/1.500pcs/51cm/€ 239
669682/Steiff Ernst and Elsa/2007/1.500pcs/66cm/€ 567
669705/Steiff Oskar/2007/1.500pcs/33cm/€ 185
669644/Steiff Rudi/2007/1.500pcs/51cm/€ 248
669699/Steiff Teddy in Mercedes Roadster/2007/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 151
669613/Steiff City Mouse & Country Mouse/2007/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 126
669637/Steiff Berryman Bear/2007/1.500pcs/36cm/€ 239
669668/Steiff Jewelry Box Set/2007/1.500pcs/15cm/€ 315
669873/Steiff Jewels Swarovski Teddy/2007/Year 2007/26cm/€ 193
669750/Steiff Dolly Circus Teddy/2007/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 143
669743/Steiff Frosty Bear/2007/2.007pcs/28cm/€ 202
000000/Steiff Muffy in the nick of time/2007/1.500pcs/20cm/€ 189
669675/Steiff Elephant Ornament/2007/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 97
669774/Steiff Baby Panda Ornament/2007/1.500pcs/10cm/€ 97
669620/Steiff Rudolph Ornament/2007/2.007pcs/10cm/€ 97
667954/Steiff Teddy Kapitaen/2005/1.910Stck./55cm/€ 294
667299/Steiff Baby Hot Water Bottle Bear 1907/2004/3.000pcs/36cm/€ 248
667183/Steiff First American Teddy/2003/Jahr 2003/38cm/€ 147
666568/Steiff Skifahrer Teddy/2002/1.500Stck./42cm/€ 251
USA, Christmas:
667138/Steiff Dromedary Ornament/2003/2.003pcs/11cm/€ 83
667121/Steiff Lamb Ornament/2003/2.003pcs/10cm/€ 83
037689/Steiff Gold Ammer Ornament/2004/5.000pcs/8cm/€ 50
037771/Steiff Stag/2004/x/26cm/€ 117
037849/Steiff Rocking Horse/2003/x/39cm/€ 117
037856/Steiff Blaumeise Ornament/2003/x/8/€ 50
037863/Steiff Teddy Angel with Harp/2003/5.000pcs/11cm/€ 63
610394/Book "125 Jahre Steiff Firmengeschichte/Deutsch/-/€ 37
610387/Steiff Sortiment Book 1947-2003/€ 56

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